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James Bond or Spider-Man is so 80s! Who has seen Demolition Man, who wants to go back to Spartan, or is Deadpool so much? Here's another version, either way. Then you're in the right place! Everyone has different movements and can fight for the film or against Black Friday. Who says there's a right way? Look at it differently; you can best decide for yourself and not let others determine your path. It's your body and mind that know you better than the doctors who examine you. Only your body can send you signals. I train for myself to let that out. Only now have I realized that training can open many different doors. Proper training will surely also open the right doors. Who knows, just do it and train consciously, without expecting anything. Let it embody itself and surprise life!



2015 London International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Teacher of the Year Award

More...2005: Hawaii Black Belt, "Real Intelligent Warrior"2010 Munich Hall of Honor, Outstanding Performance2011 Munich Hall of Honor, Outstanding Performance2012 Munich Hall of Honor, Outstanding Contribution to MA2013 Munich Hall of Honor, Continuance in Excellence2014 Munich Hall of Honor, Outstanding Services to MA2015 Munich Hall of Honor, Outstanding Achievement in MA

Sea Training Workshop
Train by the sea with the WBT Defense style. Appointment by arrangement.

Extreme Workshop
For professional groups/special units in extreme situations. Self-defense, body language, anti-terrorism training, and more.
Individual topics such as self-defense, anti-bullying, motivation training.
Worldwide Workshops
Training, lectures, and questions on martial arts and disability.
"Intense, more intense, most intense."

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